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Trenchless Pipe Relining

Did you know that you don’t need expensive and messy excavations
to fix broken, damaged, or blocked pipes?

Flowfix can solve the problem safely and efficiently
with our Trenchless Pipe Relining technology!

What are the benefits of Pipe Relining?


Save money by avoiding extensive excavation and labour costs.

Minimal Disruption

This less intrusive approach ensures your daily life remains largely unaffected.


Quick installation process with reduced labour and expensive machinery.


High-quality materials ensure long-lasting pipe performance and reliability.


Adaptable to various pipe shapes and bends without issue.

Environmentally Friendly

Trenchless technology reduces waste and minimises environmental impact.

Improved Flow

Smooth interior surfaces result in better water flow efficiency.

3 Year Warranty

Peace of mind with our guaranteed 3-year warranty coverage.

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The Flowfix Pipe Relining process

Traditional drain repair methods often meant disrupting your daily life by tearing up driveways, footpaths, and garden beds – leaving you with a messy and intrusive worksite for days or even weeks.

Using our unique Trenchless Pipe Relining technology, we no longer need to dig up your yard to replace or fix pipework!
  • We use a resin liner within your existing pipework that is stronger than your average PVC pipe.
  • In fact, pipework that is relined using our advanced process can last up to 50 years!
  • No excavating means our Trenchless Pipe Relining process will leave no mess, making the process easier, cleaner, and safer.
  • We are in and out of your home on the very same day – no mess, no fuss.

Here’s how it works

Step 1

Using state-of-the-art Drain Camera Equipment, we thoroughly inspect your drainage system to precisely locate and diagnose any existing issues.

Step 2

We use our Hydrojet Drain Cleaner to meticulously remove all obstructions, such as debris and tree roots, to prepare the drain for the relining process.

Step 3

A follow-up inspection using our Drain Camera Equipment ensures the drainage system is free of debris and in optimal condition. It is now ready for effective relining.

Step 4

We introduce a textile liner soaked in special resin into the drain. A bladder is then inflated within the liner and left to cure. Once fully set, the bladder is carefully removed.

Step 5

A final Drain Camera inspection is conducted for quality assurance. Your newly relined drain is now in excellent condition and ready for immediate use.

Why choose Flowfix?

Blocked drains are a thing of the past: call now for our No Dig Pipe Relining solution

Flowfix is a family-owned and operated business proudly supporting metropolitan Adelaide since 2012. With over a decade in the plumbing industry, we specialise in No Dig Pipe Relining – a revolutionary, efficient, and cost-effective solution for a range of pipe and drain problems.

Call us now or enquire online for a FREE quote and to learn more about our No Dig Pipe Relining solution.

Suresh Chandran
Today, I got a very good and friendly service from Flowfix. The work done was thorough and professional, and my problem was solved. Thank you for the job well done.
phil prosser
Goid crew there
Lindsey Pollock
Can’t say enough praise for this business. We had just moved into our new home when we found the sewage pipe was severely damaged. One call to Amy and she reassured us it was fine, Scott was out the next day and it was completely fixed the day after. They were very professional and efficient, it really helped a stressful situation. Can’t go wrong with this business!
John Teague
We received excellent service from FLOWFIX, the storm water pipe was completely block with tree root. A good job, nice fellow doing the work. We will have them back to check and clean as required in 18 months. Used the hydrojet and drain camera. Very reasonable charge for the work.
I can highly recommend Scott and his team. We had a complete job from demolition to finish (kitchen, laundry and two bathrooms) and throughout the whole process, the whole team was courteous, professional and timely. The quality of workmanship was perfect and they were able adjust to all changes which we requested. We are very happy with the outcome.
I can highly recommend Scott and his team esp Dalton who had to fix a very difficult burst water mains in my backyard. They came promptly and did a fantastic job over very 2 wet days. I have also used them in the past to unblock drains and re-line my sewers and I have found them very reasonably priced.
Robert Puddy
Great Service Thank You
Bad Motor Breath
Excellent service in clearing a challenging blocked-drain problem. Reasonable price too, thanks!
Ben Sanders
Fantastic family run business with a focus on quality, fast efficient response times and great customer service. Such a great local company...highly recommend!

Pipe Relining FAQ

What is Pipe Relining?

Pipe Relining is a trenchless technology that repairs damaged pipes by inserting a resin-soaked liner, avoiding the need for disruptive excavation and replacement.

Is Pipe Relining suitable for all types of pipes?

Pipe Relining is highly versatile and as such is suitable for a range of pipes. However, it may not be suitable for severely collapsed pipes or those with extreme angles. Call us for a tailored assessment at your property.

How long does the Pipe Relining process take?

The duration varies based on the project, but most residential jobs are completed within a day. Our goal is to minimise disruption to your routine and help you enjoy free-flowing drains sooner!

How long does a relined pipe last?

A pipe rejuvenated through our advanced relining process can last for up to 50 years! Additionally, we offer a 3-year warranty for peace of mind.

How much does Pipe Relining cost?

Costs can vary based on pipe length, condition, and accessibility. Call us today for a FREE quote.