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Blocked drains and sewers are not only frustrating and messy – they can be downright damaging, too

Blocked drains are more than just an inconvenience; they’re a serious issue that can lead to water damage, unsanitary conditions, and even structural problems when left unattended.

At Flowfix Plumbing, we understand the urgency and are committed to resolving your blocked drains quickly and efficiently, restoring peace of mind and the normal flow of your daily life.

When your drain’s a pain, trust Flowfix to get it right!

Indoor blocked drains

Blocked toilet

A homeowner’s worst nightmare! 

Blocked toilets can overflow, causing sanitary issues and an unpleasant smell.

Sinks and basins

Everyday use can lead to accumulations of soap, grease, and food, causing slow draining or complete blockages.

Shower and bath drains

Hair and soap scum commonly clog these drains, leading to standing water and potential hygiene problems.

Appliance drains

From washing machines to dishwashers, lint and debris can obstruct appliance drains, affecting their performance.

Outdoor blocked drains

Gutters & downpipes

Leaves, twigs, and other debris can obstruct the flow of rain, leading to water damage and structural issues.

Stormwater drains

Blocked by leaves, rubbish, or sediment, these drains can cause flooding during heavy rains.

Sewer drains

When tree roots or household waste clog sewer drains, they can lead to unpleasant odours and serious backups.

Manholes & grates

Accumulation of debris and waste can lead to blockages, disrupting the flow of drainage systems.

We’ll get the flow fixed in no time!

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The Flowfix way: identifying blockages and clearing clogged drains

At Flowfix, we combine cutting-edge technology with expert know-how to identify and clear blockages efficiently. Experience hassle-free, effective solutions that restore your drains to optimal function.

Here’s how we tackle blocked drains from start to finish

Initial assessment
We start by discussing your concerns, evaluating the problem area, and determining the best approach for resolving the issue.
Visual test
Our trained technicians perform a visual inspection to assess the severity of the blockage and to identify obvious culprits.
Manual methods
Depending on the type of blockage, we may try manual methods like plungers or hand augers to initially dislodge the obstruction.
CCTV drain survery
Using high-tech CCTV cameras, we explore the drain’s interior to identify the root cause of the blockage for targeted treatment.
Chemical treatment
If suitable, we’ll apply specialised chemical treatments. These help break down the material causing the blockage without damaging your pipes.
HyrdoJet drain cleaning
For stubborn blockages, we deploy HydroJet cleaning technology that uses high-pressure water to disintegrate debris and clear the way.
Final inspection
A follow-up CCTV survey ensures the blockage is completely cleared, checking for any structural issues that may cause future problems.
Customer briefing
We conclude by briefing you on the work completed, offering maintenance tips, and ensuring you’re satisfied with the results.

Why choose Flowfix?

No fuss, no mess: from stubborn clogs to blocked drains, get the water flowing again with Flowfix

For more than a decade, Flowfix has been helping homeowners across Adelaide with all their plumbing and piping problems. Our customers rely on us because we offer efficient, professional service that turns their drainage woes into a thing of the past. With our expert technicians and cutting-edge technology, we’re committed to solving all your drain and pipe issues quickly, cleanly, and efficiently.
  • Local, family-run business
  • Qualified team
  • Fast, prompt, reliable
  • Quality workmanship
  • Friendly service
  • Always clean and tidy
Suresh Chandran
Today, I got a very good and friendly service from Flowfix. The work done was thorough and professional, and my problem was solved. Thank you for the job well done.
phil prosser
Goid crew there
Lindsey Pollock
Can’t say enough praise for this business. We had just moved into our new home when we found the sewage pipe was severely damaged. One call to Amy and she reassured us it was fine, Scott was out the next day and it was completely fixed the day after. They were very professional and efficient, it really helped a stressful situation. Can’t go wrong with this business!
John Teague
We received excellent service from FLOWFIX, the storm water pipe was completely block with tree root. A good job, nice fellow doing the work. We will have them back to check and clean as required in 18 months. Used the hydrojet and drain camera. Very reasonable charge for the work.
I can highly recommend Scott and his team. We had a complete job from demolition to finish (kitchen, laundry and two bathrooms) and throughout the whole process, the whole team was courteous, professional and timely. The quality of workmanship was perfect and they were able adjust to all changes which we requested. We are very happy with the outcome.
I can highly recommend Scott and his team esp Dalton who had to fix a very difficult burst water mains in my backyard. They came promptly and did a fantastic job over very 2 wet days. I have also used them in the past to unblock drains and re-line my sewers and I have found them very reasonably priced.
Robert Puddy
Great Service Thank You
Bad Motor Breath
Excellent service in clearing a challenging blocked-drain problem. Reasonable price too, thanks!
Ben Sanders
Fantastic family run business with a focus on quality, fast efficient response times and great customer service. Such a great local company...highly recommend!

Blocked drain FAQ

What causes blocked drains?

Blocked drains can be caused by a variety of issues such as grease buildup, hair, foreign objects, or intrusive tree roots. We leverage our expertise to pinpoint the root cause for a targeted and effective solution.

What can I do to reduce the risk of future blockages?

During our customer briefing, we provide actionable maintenance tips and best practices, like proper waste disposal and regular cleaning, to help you prevent future blockages and keep your drains running smoothly.

Is a CCTV drain survey always required?

While not always mandatory, a CCTV drain survey offers invaluable insights. It allows us to identify not just the blockage but also any structural issues, enabling us to provide a more thorough, effective, and long-term solution.

What are some of the signs I should look out for that may indicate a blocked drain or partial obstruction?

Common early signs of a blockage include slow-draining water, unpleasant odours coming from drains, gurgling noises, or water backup. If you notice any of these indicators, it’s likely time to seek professional help to address potential blockages and prevent further issues.